Pet Organ Donation: Leave a Lasting Legacy

Facing the difficult task of evaluating end-of-life options/euthanasia for a beloved pet is a challenging and emotional decision for any pet owner and their veterinarian. What if something positive could come from this difficult decision? Donating the healthy organs of a euthanized companion animal can do just that, having a positive impact on research that can remedy many diseases and conditions facing our pets.

To make this possible, has created a pet organ donation network and procurement service for participating veterinarians and pet owners in the Kansas City area. When a pet’s life comes to an end, donating healthy organs to can help pet owners find solace in knowing their special pet will leave a lasting legacy by contributing to the future of renewed health of other dogs and cats.

At the moment, is not currently accepting any organ donations.  We’re working very closely with our partners in developing the next generation of cell therapies for pets.  Cell therapies, such as stem cells, have the potential to provide new treatment options for veterinarians and pet owners.  Stay tuned for updates and developments within this exciting field.