About Dr. Cheri Jones

Cheri JonesThis site is dedicated to the late Dr. Cheryl (Cheri) Ann Jones whose passion and dedication for all animals will always be remembered. Cheri’s life was full of love for her husband, Scott; children, Jack and Julia; and all her clients at State Line Animal Hospital. Beloved veterinarian, avid researcher and animal lover, Cheri dedicated much of her time to animal research which eventually led her to Likarda.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 9, Cheri had a special love and compassion for animals living with diabetes. In 1993, Cheri experienced kidney failure due to complications from diabetes. That same year, she became the 56th person at San Francisco Hospital to receive a successful kidney and pancreas transplant, which cured her diabetes.

Cheris Family

Likarda and its research to treat diabetes in dogs and cats, as well as its Pet Organ Donation Network, attracted Cheri’s attention. After meeting with Likarda founders Lisa Stehno-Bittel and Karthik Ramachandran in-person, she quickly felt a connection to Likarda and its mission. Likarda relies on donated pancreata for its research and established the Pet Organ Donation Network so that upon death, pet owners have an opportunity to donate their beloved pet’s organs to contribute to the future health of other animals.

Even though Cheri Cheri Jonespassed away on June 28, 2013 from duodenal cancer complications, her legacy lives through Cheri’s Hope, Likarda’s Pet Organ Donor Network. Cheri was passionate about finding a way to help animals with diabetes and hopefully the research performed through pet organ donation will someday also lead to a cure for humans.