Currently, needs healthy pancreata from companion animals to support groundbreaking research to make a cure for diabetes in dogs and cats a reality. Through this research, islet cells — the insulin-producing cells in the body — are harvested from a donor pancreas, improved by a proprietary process and transplanted to a dog with diabetes.

Thanks to thoughtful veterinary professionals, generous pet owners and those special donors, veterinarians will soon be able to offer a minimally invasive, cost-effective solution to pet owners battling the burden of diabetes in dogs and cats*.

Donors are dogs and cats who were in generally good health and current with their vaccinations at the time they passed away or were euthanized. We understand and appreciate the bond between pet owners and their beloved pets, which is why every donated organ is precious to us and we treat it with the utmost respect.

* Commercial availability expected for dogs in 2015 and by 2017 for cats.

Eliminating diabetes in companion animals is just the beginning.
Over time, and its partners hope to expand their donation services to improve the lives of even more pets, their owners and vets.